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Baby's Firsts App Photo and Baby Storybook


Baby’s Firsts App launches 3.0 October, 2014.
For immediate release.
Kansas City — October, 2014.
Baby’s Firsts app is growing up fast with version 3.0.

Baby’s Firsts, a free iPhone app that prompts parents with creative, developmentally-timed reminders to capture key baby moments and milestones, is launching the app’s largest update to date.

Version 3.0 brings the ability to turn milestone baby moments into 10 brand-new book designs, all based on baby at Birth, 0-2 Months, 3-5 Months, 6-8 Months, and 9-12 Months.

A simplified interface makes Baby’s Firsts easier to navigate and capture prompts for those books. And now the cloud backs up the memories contained in the app and makes using the app faster.

The Baby’s Firsts team, comprised of two app developers who happen to be parents, one designer, and two writers, continues their quest to “Banish baby book guilt!” More than 300 prompts are all written, planned and scheduled based on seasons and key child development milestones. For example, when baby is about 9 months old, a parent will receive the prompt: “Holy molars! Grace is cutting a set of teeth. Share a photo of the new smile.”

  • 300+ prompts all written and scheduled based on seasons and key development milestones to capture baby’s first year
  • Cloud backup
  • Modernly designed books, starring baby at 0-2 Months, 3-5 Months, 6-8 Months, and 9-12 Months, plus a nursery rhyme-themed book, “Mother Goose”.
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email
  • For iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Exclusive designs

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