FAQ - About Baby's Firsts App

Baby’s Firsts is a mobile app that prompts you with inspiring, creative reminders to capture baby moments and milestones you’ll want to keep and share. All you have to do is grab quick snapshots with your phone

How do I retrieve my photos?

Go to the app’s main menu and select “Profile.” From there, go to the bottom of the screen and press “Export My Photos.” Shortly after, we will email you a link to download the archive of all of your photos.

Alternatively, you can save individual completed prompts from your collection by going to the main menu and selecting “Collection.” Press the photo you’d like to export and from the detailed view of that photo, press “Share This Moment,” and then “Save Image” to save it to your camera roll.

Questions about Baby’s Firsts?

Just don’t make them too hard, please–we’re sleep-deprived, too. Drop us a line at feedback@babysfirstsapp.com

Catch, Keep, and Share…


Can I still use Baby’s Firsts if my little one is more than 12 months old?

Baby’s Firsts is for babies under 12 months. But stay tuned for a future version for older tots!

I’m expecting! What can I do with Baby’s Firsts before baby arrives?

Baby’s not here yet? Go to the Prompt menu, then More Prompts to find Pregnancy pic ideas.

Can I create a book from my Baby’s Firsts designs?

Sadly, we’re exiting the baby book and app business. All baby book and magnet creation has been discontinued.

How do I suggest improvements for Baby’s Firsts?

Email us at feedback@babysfirstsapp.com. Or, within the Settings screen, click the Feedback button.

I have lots of older photos of my baby on my computer that I want to include! But they’re not on my phone. So what’s the easiest way to add them into Baby’s Firsts?

You can use iPhoto and iTunes to put your favorite photos back onto your phone to be included in Baby’s Firsts. Here’s how:

  1. While in iPhoto on your desktop, create an album.
    Add your baby photos to the new album.
  2. Then open iTunes and plug your iPhone in.
  3. In iTunes, click on your iPhone icon in the sidebar (or pull-down menu) and choose “Photos” from the horizontal list across the top.
  4. Choose “Sync photos from iPhoto” and select “Selected albums, events and faces” and select your photo album
  5. Then choose “Sync.”


Why does Baby’s Firsts ask for my current location?

This helps us troubleshoot should you have any technical difficulty. For instance, some areas may have trouble establishing a connection.