Baby’s Firsts Giftwrapping: Preppy Plaid Snowflake

After all, a gift as memorable as a Baby’s Firsts book deserves an excellent presentation. If none of those previously discussed caught your attention, why not give this simple and elegant presentation a try?

Things you will need:

  1. Two types of ribbon
  2. A snowflake ornament (or something similar)
  3. An appropriately sized gift box
  4. Wrapping paper
  5. Tissue Paper
  6. Tape

Time required: About fifteen minutes

Step One: Get Your Materials Ready!


Few things are more frustrating than needing to interrupt giftwrapping because you forgot to have tape on your desk. Take a moment to bring everything together on your clean, flat work surface.

Step Two: Wrap it up!


Place your Baby’s Firsts book in the box, making sure to cushion it with some tissue paper. Small things like that really do make a difference in presentation, so don’t leave it out!

Once the book is secure in its box, wrap it. Try to make sure that the pattern of the wrapping paper and the ribbons you’ve chosen work well together. You don’t need to be an art student to pick out complementary colors!

Step Three: Prepare Your Ribbons!


This design really hinges on the ribbons, so take your time with this part of it.

Lay the thinner ribbon on top of the wider one, and draw it from beneath the box as shown in the picture. You can gather it together a bit, but don’t tie it off just yet; just make sure that you leave enough slack on both ends to make a nice bow.

Next, thread the loop of your snowflake ornament with the thinner ribbon. It should be roughly near the center of the box, right where you’ll be tying your bow.

Step Four: Tie it up!


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