Baby’s Firsts Giftwrapping: Handprint

Baby’s Firsts Giftwrapping: Handprint

The books you’ve ordered through the Baby’s Firsts app make outstanding gifts (especially for grandparents), but there are ways to present that gift that will make it stand out even more. What better way to do that than to provide a second keepsake right on the wrapping paper?

There are few better ways to remember just how tiny our little ones used to be than by making a handprint mold. These easy-to-make keepsakes are wonderful reminders of a time when ours sons and daughters could be held in one hand.

Time required: About an hour and a half, plus a day or two to set and dry.

Things you will need:

  1. Crayola Model Magic (available online or in most craft stores)
  2. A circular mold or bowl
  3. A flat work surface (newspaper works just fine)
  4. An agreeable baby! (It does make things easier if they have already napped and eaten!)

Step One: Prepare the Mold

Crayola Model Magic is easy to work with. Take as much as you need to fill your mold up to about an inch thick. Make sure that you roll it out so that the surface is smooth and even— you don’t want any lumps! Once that’s done, you can cut your compound into your desired shape.

Step Two: Make the Impression

Sit down with your little one, grasp their hand, and gently guide it toward your mold. Press firmly, making sure that the fingers and thumb are separated enough. If your little one is old enough, they may have a tendency to close their hand into a fist when they meet this new material (which is nice and squishy), so just make sure that you keep an even pressure on their fingers to prevent that.

Once you’ve made a solid impression, remove your little one’s hand, and make sure that there isn’t any left stuck to their little fingers!


Step Three: Patience!

Once you’ve made your impression, the mold needs to dry. Leave it somewhere that it will be undisturbed (and won’t get wet) for a while. It typically takes a day or two to completely cure. You may want to flip it over once you are certain (very certain) that the top of your mold is totally dry, to make sure that the back dries evenly as well.

Once complete, you should have something that looks like this:


Step Four: Attach Your Ribbon to the mold


Take a small length of ribbon (about six inches), and twist it as shown in the picture. Adhere it to the back of your handprint mold with a piece of clear tape.

Some prefer to poke a hole through the mold before letting it dry in order to tie the ribbon in place. That works as well, but taping the ribbon to the back allows the recipient of this gift to display it however they like!

Step Five: Wrap it up!


Wrap the Baby’s Firsts book in your chosen paper, and tie it off with string or ribbon. Before finishing off the final knot, make sure that you have threaded the ribbon of your handprint, as shown in the picture.

So there you have it: an excellent Do-It-Yourself way to add a little extra flair to an already outstanding gift!

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