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Blogger’s Review: Mommy Photo App #1 - Baby's Firsts App

So this app is to capture all of your baby's firsts - smiling, clapping, walking, etc. As you capture the pictures and add them to the app you can create a baby book! With both of my kids, I bought baby books and wrote in them. I glued in the pictures and some of their hospital things. I have been so unhappy with them. A few times I have tried making a digital book, but it has consumed so much time. Then I saw the prices. Ugh!

Well I found this great app, and it gives you a prompt every so often throughout the month to grab a picture. I love the reminders! It's so easy to forget all the dates for the special moments and milestones.

How it works: So you log in and input your baby's information like birth date, name, etc. You can add a "home" picture for your baby's account. There are many prompts for you to choose from per month. You can either add a photo that you have already taken or open the prompt and take a picture within the prompt. The prompts are specific to each month and normally contain developmental prompts for that month. I really love it so far!

When you add your photo there is a scrapbook page already made for you. There are options to personalize it a bit, and then you press done! Your prompt gets made into a page for a scrapbook. Don't you just love technology!!

Now I am really, really far behind for Lydia. I just found this app for her at 9 months :( I have a lot of catching up to do. However, I just keep adding a few photos every day to all the months I missed. Unfortunately I have not ordered a book yet to show you, but I am hoping to do that soon. You can choose to break up the books however you choose. I plan on doing 9 and 10 months for Lydia and then ordering a book so that I can let you know how that all works and if I am happy with it. I didn't want you to fall behind like me if you wanted to get this app up and running for your little one! Check it out!

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@BabysFirstsApp lifesaver!!!! I feel like a horrible mom. I never write anything down. Ugh! I'm going to regret it later. Thanks for the app

~ @DissertationNBaby

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What an amazing idea! I am definitely one of those empty baby book moms haha

- Katie Sunder

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I have had baby book guilt through 5 children - thanks!

~ The Road to 31

baby photo book

Love the prompts! My chubby princess in her fave accessory :)

~ Zeina Davis

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Thankful for @BabysFirstsApp - Now I can easily document my loves life w/o having to spend loads of time doing it.

~ B. Over ‏@brittany_over

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You need to check out @BabysFirstsApp - perfect for parents like me who forget to write in a traditional baby book! #momlife

~ Gabrielle Farrington ‏@GabrielleBevel

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"So I just downloaded this app & I'm in love! My sweet baby girl is 5 mo old & I have yet to open her baby book...This app is fabulous!" <3

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I love this! I've had this idea for an app for a long time. I'm so glad someone read my mind and made it happen!

~ Lacy McNeil Deese

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Hello!! Thank you so much for the very sweet and warm welcome email.

I have to tell you, I'm in LOVE with your Baby's Firsts app from the moment I found it! It's amazing and just what us moms with little ones needed!

I'm sharing with every new mom I know. I'm addicted to glancing through the prompts and adding a quick milestone photo. It is so true, I have been feeling extremely guilty I hadn't kept up with my youngest baby boy Brendan's baby book.

~Fellow Mom